Saturday, August 22, 2009

New do

Every year or two I get an itch to change my hair. Dramatically. Oh yes I did. It only took one flyer from Ulta, 3 months of indecision and one super hairstylist. (Thanks Taci!) I love it. I'll love it even more when I have the gigantic brush required to style it. (that's coming next week) Ethan and Matthew said "You don't look like Mommy!" and Glen said "You look 18 again." (Not sure if that's a compliment?) I still love it though. Itch satisfied.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Heaven & Hell

No, this is not a blog about Emma & Matthew. This is Glen & I am taking over Triscia's blog while she is out. I figured that I would let the world know that I finally managed to ride my bike to the top of big cottonwood canyon today.

The hell was the 14.5 miles to the top. There was an elevation change of over 3,700 ft reaching 8,700 ft above sea level.

The Heaven was the ride down. reaching speeds over 40 mph I even managed to pass a car. My scary part of the ride came when my headphones came out and wrapped in my back wheel. Thankfully, the prayer that I said before my ride paid off. All in all, not a bad ride, over 1800 cal burned and as Triscia always says " Now I can eat whatever the Hell I like"

Lets see how long Trish keeps this post!
(EDIT BY TRISH: Yes I kept this post long enough. Now on to one about me! :) But I had to edit this one to give PROPS to my MOM for the NICE PIC OF GLEN with his bike she took in her backyard! Thanks MOM!)