Thursday, December 30, 2010

Too much of a good thing!

No, we're not talking about Matthew's candy addiction, (although it's reaching frightening levels now) we're talking about lemons. 240 of them. Here are some of them taking over my kitchen counter. Remember my Beauty in the Desert post about the pretty lemon tree outside my kitchen window? Well, that lovely tree gave me more lemons than I will ever need for lemonade, lemon-herbed chicken, lemon curd and lemon meringue! I've juiced and frozen into cubes 40 of them that I picked before this group. Now what?

Santa's Return Program

Happy Christmas to all! And to all a good ... return line? ...

I wish Santa could get his kids straight. This year, he delivered 2 beautiful black and white bikes (don't ask me how he got them down the chimney without scratches) to Ethan and Matthew that were TOO BIG. What happened up there at the North Pole? Don't they keep measurements on kids? How embarrassing for that poor elf who will have to be fired. At least Santa provides all good parents (yes, they can be on the NICE LIST too!) with a return and exchange program at their local store. Thanks, big guy. Now, can you do something about those long return lines?
At least he came through for Emma with the perfect kitchen and accessories to make the best plastic food you've ever tasted. (Which, ironically, provided some entertainment while Dad spent 5 hours on one of his days off going from store to store to find the right bikes.)

Dad was right... we all should have asked Santa for a Wii! Maybe next year...