Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday Night Movie


Every Monday night after Glen and I get the kids in bed, I join two of my friends at the movies. Sleep is precious, but this weekly splurge is a low-budget and babysitter-free vacation from Mommyhood!

Thanks to my fun friend who works at the theatre for the discounts! Sorry no names to give you to get your own discount, but she has enough people vying for her attention. Love her!

Thanks to my insightful friend for the conversation that can't be had during the day while I'm constantly interrupted by my kids! Love her too!

And thanks to Glen for being a good sport when I saw Dark Knight on the big screen before he did. (Or never did actually, he only saw it on DVD. Oops!)

Tuesday night's climb

Ethan experienced a terrifying ordeal last night - he made a goal to reach the top of the 33' wall, but had never decended from anything higher than 12'. After reaching the top, he spent 10 painfully-long minutes frozen in fear. Glen and I felt sick, knowing we just couldn't go up there and bring him down to safety. He showed us his courage by not only coming down on his own, but going back up once more.

(On his ascent: The black line by his feet is the 12' mark and he's already looking down nervously!)

Matthew monkeying around, and trying to prove to Ethan that you won't drop to your death in decent by kicking off the wall as wildly as possible. Doesn't he look like Peter Pan?

Monday, January 19, 2009

That's right, no facebook

Really, I'm not sure what else I can do here. I can barely keep up on my blog (actually I disappeared for an entire month) yet I'm being told I should facebook. Glen facebooks, Mom facebooks, Glen's Mum facebooks. I know it's bad when my Mom and my husband's Mum are facebooking each other. Not to mention old friends trying to contact me through my Mom on facebook. I'm standing firm. I am not on facebook. No offense though, really. And facebook with my Mom 'cause she's spiffy.

Almost pictureless...

Alas, I can't figure out how to get my cell phone pics that I sent to my online tmobile album to save to my computer (although they totally allow photos from your computer to upload to their site!).


a quick pictureless update:

Ethan has earned all of his stripes on his white belt in karate and is preparing to test for his yellow belt in Feb! I'm so proud I could bring a parade with me that day. (note: my pic with this was him swinging nun-chucks around in class and not hitting someone else or himself!) Ethan is working very hard to acheive what his Sifu calls "black belt respect" in all areas of life: household, school, family and martial arts. Wow. And I thought it would be fun for him to learn some moves.

Matthew is a rock climber. 4 1/2 yrs old and can scale a 33-foot-wall in a few minutes. I took him to our local rec center last weekend on a hunch that he'd like it and the belayer (the guy controlling the other end of the rope Matthew was hanging from) said he has natural talent. He didn't have the proper shoes since the rec center doesn't carry sizes small enough he was good enough in his Vans! Forgive my bragging, but come on, when have I ever seen Matthew tied up, unable to run away and enjoying it? I've committed to take him once a week and he's counting down the days until our next date. (note: pic supposed to be here of him almost at the top)

Emma is hilarious. She finds new ways to add joy to all of our lives. Ethan played this game with her at Christmastime where he told her to lay down on the blanket, then he dragged her (slowly) along the wood floors around the house while she giggled uncontrollably. Matthew taught her that baths are better with splashing, again while she giggled uncontrollably. (good thing it's tile floor and baseboards!) Oh! I have pictures! Thank you Canon Rebel!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Merry Christmas!

For those of you who didn't receive our Christmas card: (oh wait, I didn't send them out yet...)