Friday, April 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It's our last week in our Sandy, UT home and I'm getting sentimental.
I'm sad to leave because:
1. I've been in love with the valley and mountain views from my house since the first time I came here.
2. Matthew and Emma were born here.
3. Glen put his sweat and blood into replacing EVERYTHING in this house (yes, even the kitchen sink!).
4. I love my garden areas in this yard. (finally finished most of it!)
5. I feel loved and comfortable in the community of friends and neighbors here. (the reason I cry every 3 days about moving from here)
All I can say about why were moving is: inspiration. Glen and I feel it's right to move although none of it makes practical sense.

It's feeling less like home as everything goes into boxes and we sell the things that we can't take with us. (i.e. the swingset)
Here are pictures of our kids having one last early morning play with it before it was dismantled and sold!

(Note Emma's
shoes: she put
them on herself,
on the wrong

Our temporary home will be around the corner for a few months while the kids finish school and Glen waits for a transfer.

Our Home Sweet Home in Las Vegas, NV. (The kids still aren't sure that the pool makes up for leaving their swingset.)

I'm confident that there are great experiences in store for us in our new place!