Friday, October 21, 2011


I've had it. We are always waiting on our computer to process... The "dinosaur" is slower than well, the slowest dinosaur! Now we are taking action, but we need your help with the great debate: PC / MAC? ...leave your comment!

Monday, October 10, 2011

To comment, or not to comment?

There is no question. Comment on my posts. It is more fun for all of us when you do. Love you!

Family Reunion

My mom pulled us all together for a family reunion that centered around an extended family picture. It was shocking to see how much we've all grown and watching our children play the same games I swear we were just playing (okay, but 25+ years ago) at our Grandpa&Grandma's. (minus the Xbox and Nintendo, of course) I'm glad we got to see each other. What a fun time!

Ethan took some pictures of us on picture day. (also 1 I took that he's in!)

 "handsome" and I
 our little wriggly worm moved in every picture!
 "my boys"
my parents and sisters and I