Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quality Assurance

Here's a little tidbit about me. I hate Walmart. HATE. I can't think of a good experience in the store ever, and I've given it plenty of opportunities to redeem itself.

So, I found myself there to buy balloons because my friend mentioned Walmart fills them for 15 cents each (package of 20 for $2.98). In January I paid 50 cents a piece for Ethan's birthday balloons. (scandalous!) I needed balloons for a Relief Society activity and since this was the church's money, I went cheap.

While there I grabbed a gift for Matthew's classmate's birthday the next day. That's where I went wrong. I should have known better. We picked out a lovely bubble blowing machine "made exclusively for Walmart" and a huge container of bubbles. Tape some batteries to it, wrap it and we were ready for the party. I stayed to help the party Mom and when the birthday boy opened his gift he wanted to use it right away. Oh yea! So we popped batteries in, (10 preschoolers anxiously awaiting) and nothing. NOTHING. The stupid thing didn't work. Walmart did it again, but this time they threw in the disappointment of 10 preschoolers and the embarrasment of one Mom.

In the words of Nemo: "Curse you Aquascum! (Walmart!)"


Hello all! Any suggestions of how to do photo collages/slide shows easily that I can put into my blog? We just got back from Disneyland and I have some real winner pictures to show you all!

Friday, April 10, 2009

How to pick the perfect strawberry...

How to pick the perfect strawberry from a 4 lb box:

Step 1: Wait until everyone is out of the kitchen and otherwise occupied

Step 2: Dump the whole thing on the floor. You'll have better view of all of them, even the juicy ones they hide at the bottom.

Step 3: Select your strawberry and eat fast before someone comes running!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Matthew's and Ethan's statement of the week!

While driving to Grandma's today, we were at a red stoplight with a billboard next to it. Matthew piped up from the back seat: "Hey! It's the money guy!" (We all looked up) Ethan: "Yea, on TV. He stares at someone and then a guy asks 'What's that?' and the other guy says 'That's the money you could be saving with Geico'."

Who am I more disgusted at? Myself for letting my kids watch TV (less than the national average might I add?) or the amazing branding capabilities of companies?