Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A mid-day smile for you (and a plug for youtube & Facebook)

I discovered this little mid-day smile and had to share it. What a unifying idea because, as I've found through the latin-dancing and yoga class my friend and I teach twice a week for free, dancing together makes us all happy.

(2 different links = same video)

Maybe I'll join Facebook, since this is more of a fb post that a blog post. Are you all on fb? How do you decide what to post/not post there?


Elgie said...

Facebook, my thoughts:
I post rather infrequently on FB, and typically will provide a link to FB for my blog. FB seems to be a bit more informal, with quick snippets.

Your mom, my mom, Tammie, Amiee, and Joscie are all on FB, and that's how I view their latest pics and such. :)

You Tube: If I take a video while skiing or something, then I'll link that to my blog. That's about it on my postings to YouTube. However, I watch quite a few snippets on there--as I'm about to do with the links you just provided!

Elgie said...

Just watched it and LOVED it! It's now on my blog are probably enroute to my FB page! And, probably Pinterest too! LOVE IT!

Smallmans said...

Thank you. Digital communication keeps evolving and I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of information from friends by not being on FB. That said, I'm unable to devote a large chunk of my time for updates and don't have a smart phone to check it frequently/conveniently.